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                                                                                              · ORG IQ - TAKE THE QUIZ ·


    Are you “oRganiZationally challenged”? Take this quick quiz and find out*.

For each of the following statements, please rate your responses as follows:

1= Always 2= Most of the time 3= Sometimes 4=Never

__ 1. When the mail comes, I throw it on a pile of other mail without going through it carefully.
__ 2. Magazines, Flyers, newspapers pile up in random areas of the house.
__ 3. I have found checks I should have deposited months after they were sent.
__ 4. I am often late paying bills, & may only pay some of them when I am sent/called about a turnoff notice.

__ 1. I find that my closet space/clothing rod/drawers are always crammed.
__ 2. I wait to do laundry until there are no clean socks or underwear left in the drawer.
__ 3. I have trouble finding a specific article of clothing/shoes/accessory/purse when I need them.
__ 4. When I get undressed both clean & dirty clothes end up on a pile on the floor or chair, & remain there for more than 2 days.

__ 1. My kitchen cabinets are so crammed and disorganized, I'm not sure what I really have.
__ 2. When I shop for food, I rarely follow a list and when I get home I realize I've bought multiples of things I already have.  

__ 1. My home/apartment/office are so over-run with piles I have stopped letting people visit me there.
__ 2. I really want to get organized, but find myself frozen & powerless as to a plan of attack, so I just leave it as is.
__ 3. Friends or family have helped me try to organize, but it soon becomes unmanageable again.
__ 4. I have organizing articles, books and magazines, and/or I’ve bought many types of containers & closet sorters in an effort to get organized, but they just end up in a pile.
__ 5. I keep meaning to call a professional for help, but I can’t imagine paying someone to “do something I should be able to do for myself”.

Total up your score and find the range you fall into:

60-45- You are quite organized, but hopefully not too controlling within your own environment!

45-30- You probably have a method to your organization which is working for you that others might not think is the most efficient. However, scores closer to 30 may be indicative of “less method & more madness” to your style.

30-below- You are probably already aware of the organizational difficulties you're experiencing. Hopefully you are ready to free yourself from this tremendous burden. I recommend finding a competent professional organizer in your area. If you are in the area of NYC or its boroughs I CAN HELP! For other areas, please visit the National Association of Professional Organizers website: www.NAPO.net.

*This quiz is in no way intended to diagnose or treat any forms of dysfunction or DSM-IV diagnosis. It’s intention is for informative use only. However, if you feel that you are experiencing hoarding symptoms or obsessive-compulsive tendencies, please consult with a licensed psychologist or mental health practitioner in your area.