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The oRganiZing Doc ™


Psychologist · Professional Organizer

"Organize  Your  Mind  -  Organize  Your  Life™ "

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On-the-Air Guest

 JM in the AM (91.1 WFMU Radio)


 “7:47 AM – Ronit Zweig, the Organizing Doc, is here…trying to organize Nachum’s office could keep her busy until she retires!...” (Yigal Segal, Chief of Staff @ www.jmintheam.org)



JM in the AM Studio  --  Live On-the-Air




"What Your Clutter Says About You" by Mirel Ketchiff

"…start by emptying each shelf and grouping similar items.  ‘When people see just a few [items] here and a few there, they’re tricked into thinking they have less than they do, which makes them reluctant to throw anything out,’ says RONIT ZWEIG, PsyD…” 

 * * *


"Buried Under Stuff: When Hoarding Becomes Pathological" by Barbara Bensoussan

"Dr. ZWEIG…sees hoarding as an addictive behavior… ‘Like people who eat to fill a void, hoarders accumulate things to pad themselves against reality…hoarding creates a barrier between themselves and the world.’” 

 * * *


"Horror Stories to Help the Messy" by Ronit Zweig, PsyD

"As a professional organizer my clients tell me the most motivating factor in their quest to conquer clutter is the realization that people much worse than themselves have succeeded in organizing their lives.  And so, I present to you four challenging, real-life organizing situations, and tips for taking control.  The message:  Don't give up!"

* * *


"Controlling the Time of Your Life" by Ronit Zweig, PsyD

"Twenty-four hours in a day. Seven days in a week...that we can all agree upon. How efficiently we use our time is another story."

* * *


“Is Clutter Affecting Your Health?” by Penny Wrenn

“During my first session with RONIT ZWEIG, PsyD, who calls herself "the organizing doc," I cried. I was so grateful to have someone patiently, and without judgment, guide me through the steps of digging myself out of chaos. Who knew that the first step, walking around my apartment and bagging every piece of trash, would eliminate 30 percent of the problem— and uncover my entire sofa?...”

* * *

THE JEWISH STAR (March 2008)

“Chaos Theory” by Mayer Fertig

'A Psychologist with a neat streak equals an organizer who knows why you’re messy'

 “I’ve always been a good candidate for one of those little signs that reads ‘A clean desk is as sign of a sick mind’…That’s all changed, however. I can now report to you with certainty that the top of my desk is tan. The person responsible for this turn of events is Dr. RONIT ZWEIG…”

* * *

REDBOOK Magazine (October 2006)

"Speed Clean Your House" by Penny Wrenn

"...tip: Take a snapshot of each of your rooms at its tip-top, shiny best. The photo will motivate you to keep it that way, says RONIT ZWEIG, professional organizer and founder of theoRganiZingdoc.com..."

* * *

WOMEN'S HEALTH Magazine (Nov/Dec 2005)

"Not Tonight, Honey" by Camille Noe Pagan

"...If you still feel the need to clean the microwave when you could be rolling around with your spouse, one expert, psychologist and professional organizer RONIT ZWEIG, Psy.D., advises you to rethink your time-management skills. "Having a plan—Monday is laundry, Tuesday is vacuuming, and so on, means you're not unnecessarily repeating the same tasks...you'll know exactly when everything will be taken care of, so you won't have to obsess over what's not done..."

* * *

TIME OUT NEW YORK (June 23-29 2005)

"Shining Stars" by Camille Noe Pagan

"...both a practicing psychologist and a professional organizer RONIT ZWEIG ... teaches pack rats how to determine what to toss and what to keep, then sets them up with a system based on their needs... she does help clients get to the root of why they can't maintain order..."

 * * *