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The oRganiZing Doc ™


Psychologist · Professional Organizer

"Organize  Your  Mind  -  Organize  Your  Life™ "

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Individuals & Small Business clients include:

▪ Self described 'hoarders' ▪ Homemakers ▪ Film Directors
▪ Moving or Relocating ▪ Musicians ▪ Doctors & Lawyers
▪ Actors ▪ Estates ▪ New Parents ▪ Entrepreneurs
▪ Anyone who has ever said, "I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF & TOO LITTLE SPACE!!" ▪

▪  "My life changed radically because of Dr. Ronit Zweig. I stared at piles for months; in one afternoon with Ronit they were gone! I saw floor and windows I had not seen in years. I felt clutter and weight lift from my life; it was not embarrassing to invite people over anymore! It took four months to sort through everything and it was an exhilarating process (ok, I fought like mad every step of the way). We filled over 100 garbage bags with mainly papers that I DID NOT need (but thought I did). I gave away bags of clothing that I don’t wear. I threw out medicine with old expiration dates. I threw out old pieces of technology that I don’t use anymore. We neatly archived 60 boxes of a project I worked ten years on and now it is in storage and out of my space. Ronit loves what she does and her excitement is infectious. She is whip-smart and deeply insightful as to people's psychology. She not only helped me organize but helped me understand the underlying patterns of home and family that caused me to let my house get that way. I am incredibly grateful to her. I would hate to think what would have happened if I did not meet her and what an even greater disaster my apartment and life would have become. Thank you Ronit!"
SD -- Filmmaker

▪  "I had been hoping to move for sometime, but it just seemed like a thought in the back of my head. Finally an opportunity presented itself that I couldn’t pass up. Yet, it left me with little time to prepare for the move. ‘The organizing doc,’ Ronit Zweig, PsyD saved the day, as she helped me organize the move in the most efficient way – every thing from color coding and labeling each box to getting rid of unnecessary items while I was packing, and planning the best way to organize my things while unpacking. I learned a lot from the process. Even the movers were amazed at how smooth the transition was! I hope I am never caught again in such a dire circumstance, but if I am, I certainly know who to call."
AE,PhD -- Psychologist

▪"I’ve always considered myself fantastic at multi-tasking. My job requires me to juggle quite a number of things at once. So I was surprised when I realized that I couldn’t seem to get my personal life in order as well. I found myself staying at work later and later because I hated coming home to my apartment; as organized and on-top of things as I was at work, the more disorganized I was at home. My clothes were in piles, bills left unopened and neglected, and old paperwork shoved in all available corners. I even contemplated moving my personal life into my office! Then I found Ronit. She not only sat with me in my apartment on the floor, we also talked about the feelings behind my inability to manage my personal life while I seemed to flourish at work. She created for me a printed budget and spreadsheet to not only track where my money was going, but to whom and when. I thought I would never be able to maintain both my finances and my space, but more than six months later, not one overdue bill. I am proud to say I’m a changed woman! Thanks 'Doc'."
JGL -- Marketing/Fundraiser

▪  "As a chiropractor, my training prepared me to deal with patients, not papers! My desk and workspace was a disorganized mess, cluttered with mail, patient charts stacked high and paperwork that needed to be filed. Dr. Ronit Zweig swooped in, organized my filing system, created new files and folders, cleared my workspace, and gave my practice a much needed 'adjustment'! Thanks, Doc...my desk feels much better now!"
SJM,DC -- Chiropractor

▪  "Moving to a new facility is always a nightmare and one can never have enough help to make the transition smooth. We called upon Ronit for advice. She brought in a team of people to help coordinate and make the new facility come together quickly and efficiently. With us time was the main factor. Ronit and her teammates analyzed the best use of all the areas and helped setup a fulfillment center in a much shorter time that anticipated and saved us lots of aggravation and money. We knew her advice would help but never thought that it would be invaluable to us."
We thank you Doc and wish you lots of success,
The management team @

▪  "I finally had a direction in life. I woke up one morning with a business plan that could help a lot of people and change their lives…and mine, forever. I needed a way to take all my experiences and organize them in a way that I could access them to go ahead with the project. That’s where the ‘doc’ came in. She had taken everything I had ever done (well, almost) and put my life into a filing system: Acting, Music, Theater, Health, Food, Clothes; you name it, Ronit transformed it into separate files within a structured filing system. To be able to access your entire life as easy as pulling a file, is a great way to not waste time remembering why you even opened the drawer. And who has time to waste? With six jobs, and starting a non-profit organization, not me! Now the company is well on its way, and I would not have been able to do it without “The Organizing Doc.” Thank you Ronit, for helping me go Up Up Up the rock of life; Learn, Grow, Climb…Achieve!"
JKB --- Actor, Musician, Producer